NBA Bubble


The NBA is back! But how does it work?

The NBA has been on a 133-day hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and made its official return on the 31st of July. The remainder of the season is being played in the NBA Bubble located within Disney World, Orlando. A total of 22 teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks and Houston Rockets, will face-off inside the bubble in an attempt to complete and conquer the 2019-2020 season.

What is the Bubble?

Players of all participating teams are living in the ‘NBA Bubble’, an isolated complex within the Disney World theme park resort. This tightly controlled environment includes three hotels for players and staff, practice and gym facilities, a barbershop and even a nail salon.

The teams have been in the bubble since the 9th of July with large amounts of screening, testing and isolating of all involved personnel. The organizers have gone above and beyond in terms of precautionary measures with wearable biometric rings being optionally worn by players. These Oura smart rings assist with early detection of infection including the coronavirus, while constantly measuring biometrics such as body temperature, respiration variables and heart rates.

Scrimmages have been played from the 22nd up until now. The regular season begins on Friday with the playoff being from August 17 till October 13.


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Rowan Tam

Rowan Tam.
Rowan Tam is a Junior Video Analyst at VS Sports, where he processes match footage to produce reports and analysis, including event tagging and data collection. Rowan studied Sports Communications at the University of Johannesburg and is interested in how trends and patterns can be used to gain a competitive advantage over one’s on-field opponents. Being young and ambitious, he plans to gain as much knowledge and guidance from his superiors so that he can also develop and advise on data collection and marketing strategies. Having a passion for basketball, Rowan is excited to be involved in the analytics process and enhance his own insight while on the court.