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For the month of March, we will compare key stats of the pros vs college players.


Last week we compared serve stats of Pro vs College Men, and saw a noticeable gap in the numbers.  This week we look at the serve numbers on the Women’s side, considering over 178,000 points from 2022 to present (WTA – 99,049, NCAA-W – 79,242).

While college women players had a slightly higher 1st Serve % (NCAA-W 65% vs WTA  62%), the results show a considerable difference in favor of the pros.  WTA players won 6% more 1st Serve points than college players, 64% vs 58%). 

Further evidence of the significant difference in serve strength between pro and college players is that WTA players served fewer double faults and more aces.

Doubles Faults

  🎾 WTA:  1 DF in every 7.4 2nd serves

  🎾 NCAA-W:  1 DF in  every 5.7 2nd serves


  🎾 WTA: 1 Ace in every 15 1st Serves made

  🎾 NCAA-W:  1 Ace in every 38 1st Serves made


Like the men, the serve plays a very important role in a player’s development over time.  The best players are the best servers. Fact.

And as we have suggested many times, the only way to improve your serve progress is to understand how your serve stats compare to other players at your level.  You are either above the benchmark line, on it, or below.  But, if you are not measuring it, you are guessing.

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